Hangry Joe's Fundraising Request

Hangry Joe's Fundraising Application

Have you ever thought of pairing the delight of a delicious meal with your noble goal of raising funds? At Hangry Joe's, we are eager to help you turn this idea into a savory success.

Selecting the right venue is crucial for a profitable fundraiser, and I believe Hangry Joe's has all the ingredients for a perfect event.

Imagine this: your supporters, savoring their favorite dishes, in a spot that feels just right, while also contributing to your cause. With every bite they take, they'll be supporting your organization because Hangry Joe's pledges a generous

20% giveback of the event's sales. Yes, you read that right - 20%!

Let's break it down: If your fundraiser brings in $300 on the event night, Hangry Joe's will dish out a $60 check to your organization. Now, that's a taste of success!

We recommend hosting your event from

5pm to 8pm on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday,
which are our dedicated days for community support through fundraising. Remember, the secret sauce to a successful fundraiser is promotion. Utilize all the tools at your disposal - from mouthwatering flyers to appetizing social media shares, and maybe even a raffle prize to sweeten the deal. The more supporters you entice, the bigger the feast for your funds!

Just a sprinkle of information for your supporters: to ensure their purchases contribute to your cause, they can:

A) Flash a physical fundraiser flyer.

B) Show a digital flyer on their go-to gadget.

C) Simply mention their support for your organization to our cashier before payment.

Ready to sizzle up your fundraising efforts? Complete the steps below and let's get your event on the grill.

Step 1: Complete Interest Form

Step 2: Complete Application

Step 3: Reserve Fundraising Date

Step 4: Promote your Event